EVO · The evolution continues…

The version EVO joins the already established versions and completes the line with a basic hardware model, which however is equipped with the tested firmware of the complete version V8. This version keeps the characteristics of the adaptation, programming and control, while only some optional hardware such as the electronic intake sensor, the channelled outlet or the outlet through the water pump and the UPS inlet are dispensed.

The compatibility with available accessories such as the GSM dialling device remains through a separate multi-function intake and outlet.

A serial communication-bus allows the programming of the parameters and the connection to the WLAN interface.

Also available in multilingual version, EVO is the perfect solution to control economic air-controlled stoves, whereat the economic efficiency does neither harm the comfort of controlling nor the safety of the stove, which is also guaranteed through the thermal regulation of the control itself.

Equipped with an alpha-numeric LCD-display for a clear display of the functions, EVO is also available with LEDdisplay and manual control to even satisfy the most inexperienced user.

The most important technical data:
  • In one language or multilingual version
  • 8 databases in the main memory, which can be accessed via the control panel
  • Bus-connection to a PC, external control or WLAN-interface
  • Control of the pressure switch and the safety thermostat
  • Clock with backup battery
  • Weekly adjustable control and programmer
  • Record of the latest events
  • Switching on and off via remote access with GSM and smartphone
  • Economic pellets function and more
  • Display of notifications programmed maintenance
  • Adaptation of the pellets utilisation, the flue gas inlet and the air blower by percentage, by what the stove can be adapted to the needs of the customer and to the pellets.
  • Possibility to adapt the hardware and software based on special request
V8 - Scheda di Controllo Stufa a Pellet