V8 · The essence in controlling combustion

Version V8 is the result of the development of the previous models and is able to regulate the operation of the air controlled and water-controlled pellets stove in a optimal way, so that an intelligent regulation of the electric energy as well as of the fuel is possible. The controlling algorithm of the control regulates automatically the basic parameters of the stove operation, while the choice of the heating programme and the ambient temperature is up to the user. An integrated weekly control makes the switching on and off multiple times per day over a week possible and also has software functions, which can adapt the temperature control to the needs of the user. Besides the heating of the ambience and of the water, the regulative element regulates the combustion parameters through activating the completely automatic control of the output and the cleaning of the coal pan through adapting the stove operation to the kind of fuel in use. An optional intake sensor regulates the combustion air, at which the correct flow is checked for security reasons. The input only designed for the uninterruptible electric power supply allows a safety cooling, also when supply voltage is lacking. A sensor regulates also the temperature of the regulation ambience, and in case of a overheating the cooling phase is started automatically. The display is an alpha-numeric or graphic LCD-display with backlight, which provides a simple and effective control as well as a clear display of the functions of the stove. Even in case of an alarm, every indication is simple and comprehensible, and the maintenance is facilitated thanks to a protocol file which registers the events with date and time. Amongst the different productions, the multilingual version has notifications in 5 languages which can be selected through the user-menu, so that the same product can be sold in different geographic areas. For a complete control of the stove, several additional equipments such as the infrared remote control, the GSM dialing device and the WLAN interface for a connection to PDA tablets or a web-server are available.

The most important technical data:

  • 5 languages, which can be selected via the user-menu, are available.
  • 4 data bases in the main memory, which can be accessed via the control panel
  • Bus-connection to a PC, external control or WLAN-interface
  • Optional intake sensor
  • Control of the pressure switch and the safety thermostat
  • Clock with backup battery
  • Weekly adjustable contro
  • Timer function
  • Record of the latest events
  • Economic pellets function
  • Display of notifications programmed maintenance
  • Regulation of the output based on the surrounding temperature and the water
  • Switching on and off via remote access with GSM or Domotik-attachment
  • Adaptation of the pellets utilisation, the flue gas inlet and the air blower by percentage, by what the stove can be adapted to the needs of the customer and to the pellets.
  • Possibility to adapt the hardware and software
EVO - Scheda di Controllo Stufa a Pellet